My Story “Uncanny” is Now Available in the Invocations Anthology

21271017_810003382517873_4219267960762528143_nAvailable in paperback from Amazon.

FAUST WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING! There are more things in Heaven and Earth…and ancient, malevolent entities waiting in the shadowy spaces between eager to strike bargains with this mortal world. Men desperate for power or revenge are tempted to call out in invocation, but be warned, for there is always a steep price to pay when making a compact with the devil and his allies. In INVOCATIONS, spells and dark prayers unleash insect horrors, Egyptian deities, murderous clowns, cannibal demons from the Far East, and other terrors from beyond that must never be named—or negotiated with.

From Great Old Ones Publishing.


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My Story “The Lakebed” is Now Available in the Fearful Fathoms II Anthology

ff2Available in paperback and Kindle e-book from Amazon.

HOW DEEP DOES YOUR FEAR GO? Scarlet Galleon Publications and editor Mark Parker are here to help you find out! Volume II of this new double-anthology features a wickedly dark story (“A Night at the Lake with the Weird Girl”) from Ray Garton, a short, thought-provoking tale (“Out of Her Depth”) by Graham Masterton, and many other eerie offerings set on lakes and other bodies of water. Each story is accompanied by a wonderful, illustration by artist, Luke Spooner. In order of appearance, the stories include: “Dry” by Brady Golden “Undertow” by Ronald Malfi “Deep Waters” by Michael Bray “The Lake Bed” by E.G. Smith “The Terror of Lodgepole Lake” by C.L. Hernandez “Chums” by Doug Murano “Damn Wrinklies” by Hunter Shea “Crude Lake” by Darryl Foster “Lake of Death” by David Bernstein “Rise of Finfolkaheem” by JC Braswell “A Proper Son” by Joshua Rex “The Eater” by Jeremy Robinson “Thick Ice” by Kane Gilmour “Rusalka” by Brian Moreland “The Bull Hole” by Kristopher Rufty “Revenant” by Jeffrey Kosh “Out of Her Depths” by Graham Masterton “Stannard Rock” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt “Lake Effect” by Mark Parker “A Night at the Lake with the Weird Girl” by Ray Garton.

From Scarlet Galleon Publications.

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Pentagonal Sextet is Now Available

13613647_591258964392317_6975628080345466590_oPentagonal Sextet, published by Great Old Ones Publishing, is now available from Amazon.com in paperback and kindle.

Featuring my stories:

  • The Stick Devils
  • The Wilds of Africa
  • Chewing the Fat
  • The Pit of Damnation
  • Dieorama

Also featuring my foreward and cover design.

From the Publisher:
A woman ponders the greater meaning of her life, that of a clone, as radical fanatics set fire to the future. The first manned mission to Mars encounters an ancient evil with a hunger for the Earth. Vietnam soldiers take a wrong turn and are forced to battle terrifying jungle monsters. Drug dealers cross paths with a ruthless primordial force as they ready to harvest their crop in the deep woods. A towering horror strides out of a man’s darkest dreams and into his waking life. These are mere glimpses of the sinister tales contained within the pages of Pentagonal Sextet. Join six of Great Old Ones Publishing’s most celebrated authors on five terrifying thrill rides each as they journey into the shadows and navigate the realm of nightmares.

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My Story “Antimacassar” is Online at DarkFuse Magazine

My story “Antimcassar” is now online at DarkFuse Magazine: http://www.darkfusemagazine.com/2015/07/antimacassar/


You’ll need a subscription to read the story. E-mail subscriptions are free, or you can pay for Kindle or Website subscriptions. See http://www.darkfusemagazine.com/subscribe/ for more information.

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