Pentagonal Sextet is Now Available

13613647_591258964392317_6975628080345466590_oPentagonal Sextet, published by Great Old Ones Publishing, is now available from Amazon.com in paperback and kindle.

Featuring my stories:

  • The Stick Devils
  • The Wilds of Africa
  • Chewing the Fat
  • The Pit of Damnation
  • Dieorama

Also featuring my foreward and cover design.

From the Publisher:
A woman ponders the greater meaning of her life, that of a clone, as radical fanatics set fire to the future. The first manned mission to Mars encounters an ancient evil with a hunger for the Earth. Vietnam soldiers take a wrong turn and are forced to battle terrifying jungle monsters. Drug dealers cross paths with a ruthless primordial force as they ready to harvest their crop in the deep woods. A towering horror strides out of a man’s darkest dreams and into his waking life. These are mere glimpses of the sinister tales contained within the pages of Pentagonal Sextet. Join six of Great Old Ones Publishing’s most celebrated authors on five terrifying thrill rides each as they journey into the shadows and navigate the realm of nightmares.


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My Story “Antimacassar” is Online at DarkFuse Magazine

My story “Antimcassar” is now online at DarkFuse Magazine: http://www.darkfusemagazine.com/2015/07/antimacassar/


You’ll need a subscription to read the story. E-mail subscriptions are free, or you can pay for Kindle or Website subscriptions. See http://www.darkfusemagazine.com/subscribe/ for more information.

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My Story “Mother Hungry” Wins the Dark Corner Books Contest

winners-2nd-short-horror-story-contest1My short story Mother Hungry was announced as one of the winners of the Dark Corner Books Short Horror Story Contest.

From their website:
Due to the amount of top quality short horror stories, Dark Corner decided to choose 5 winners instead of 4. We proudly congratulate all the winners as well as everyone who participated!

Albert Kwak – The Mandrake

David Draper – Where Nightmares Come From

Drew Nicks – The Santa Clause People

Eric Smith – Mother Hungry

Krissi Elix – It Is Both Right And True To Die For One’s Country


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