My Story “The Lakebed” is Now Available in the Fearful Fathoms II Anthology

ff2Available in paperback and Kindle e-book from Amazon.

HOW DEEP DOES YOUR FEAR GO? Scarlet Galleon Publications and editor Mark Parker are here to help you find out! Volume II of this new double-anthology features a wickedly dark story (“A Night at the Lake with the Weird Girl”) from Ray Garton, a short, thought-provoking tale (“Out of Her Depth”) by Graham Masterton, and many other eerie offerings set on lakes and other bodies of water. Each story is accompanied by a wonderful, illustration by artist, Luke Spooner. In order of appearance, the stories include: “Dry” by Brady Golden “Undertow” by Ronald Malfi “Deep Waters” by Michael Bray “The Lake Bed” by E.G. Smith “The Terror of Lodgepole Lake” by C.L. Hernandez “Chums” by Doug Murano “Damn Wrinklies” by Hunter Shea “Crude Lake” by Darryl Foster “Lake of Death” by David Bernstein “Rise of Finfolkaheem” by JC Braswell “A Proper Son” by Joshua Rex “The Eater” by Jeremy Robinson “Thick Ice” by Kane Gilmour “Rusalka” by Brian Moreland “The Bull Hole” by Kristopher Rufty “Revenant” by Jeffrey Kosh “Out of Her Depths” by Graham Masterton “Stannard Rock” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt “Lake Effect” by Mark Parker “A Night at the Lake with the Weird Girl” by Ray Garton.

From Scarlet Galleon Publications.


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