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My Story “Mother Hungry” Wins the Dark Corner Books Contest

winners-2nd-short-horror-story-contest1My short story Mother Hungry was announced as one of the winners of the Dark Corner Books Short Horror Story Contest.

From their website:
Due to the amount of top quality short horror stories, Dark Corner decided to choose 5 winners instead of 4. We proudly congratulate all the winners as well as everyone who participated!

Albert Kwak – The Mandrake

David Draper – Where Nightmares Come From

Drew Nicks – The Santa Clause People

Eric Smith – Mother Hungry

Krissi Elix – It Is Both Right And True To Die For One’s Country


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E. G. Smith Wins the Horror Writer’s Association Writing Scholarship for 2015.

Horrow_Writers_AssociationI’m honored to have won the 2015 Writing Scholarship from the Horror Writers Association.

Excerpts from the Newsletter Announcement:
The winners of the three annual HWA Scholarships have been selected, and they are Thersa Matsuura (Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship), Eric Smith (General Writing Scholarship), and Michael Tugendhat (Poetry Scholarship Award).

Eric Smith, recipient of the General Writing Scholarship, said,
“I thank Marge Simon, Ellen Datlow, Vince Liaguno, and everyone at the HWA for giving me this
opportunity to further my writing career with an educational scholarship. Since I began focusing on
horror writing a year and a half ago I’ve made considerable progress, developing from an
unpublished creative writing major struggling to craft an effective story into an author published in
prominent anthologies alongside big names. I believe that with continued effort on my part and the
input from online courses, seminars and workshops I will produce better and larger works. I’ll be the
one sitting in the front row asking lots of questions.”

The HWA Scholarship Committee consisted of Ellen Datlow, Vince Liaguno, and Marge Simon, while
the Poetry Scholarship Committee members were Corrine De Winter, Michael A. Arnzen, and Marge
Simon. The Poetry Scholarship is sponsored by Eldritch Press.

For more information on the scholarships, please go to http://horror.org/2014-scholarships-formembers/
and http://horror.org/dark-poetry-scholarship/.

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Nothing But Time

utbUnder the Bed magazine featuring my story Nothing But Time is available for the Kindle

“The boy shifted and banged in the kennel until his back was to the chair. He hunched knees to chin with his arms wrapped around his thighs.

“‘If you don’t want to talk, fine.’ Stephen’s quivering fingers pressed a kerchief to the wound. ‘I’m retired. Nowhere to go. No one visits. I’ve got nothing but time.’

“Antique clocks clicked and whirred from every wall, shelf and table, their stiff black hands arcing up and down. A cuckoo clock above the kennel chirped the quarter-hour.”

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