Autumn Lamb

deadharvestMy short story Autumn Lamb is now available in paperback from Amazon the Dead Harvest anthology from Scarlett Galleon Publications.

“Expecting the animal to keel over any moment, the farmer drew its black, crusted skin together with a row of surgical staples and put it back in the pasture. The lamb wobbled on rickety legs to the center of the enclosure, spun crooked circles trying to chew at its belly, then sprinted toward the flock at the feeder, scattering them. The other ewes and lambs formed a wide circle around it, shifting to maintain their distance as it approached the feeder. Its own mother shied away despite her swollen udder.

The lamb looked back at Millard and gave a shrill bleat that sounded like a pig’s squeal.”


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Darkling Roast

bugsMy short story Darkling Roast is now available in Great Old Ones Publishing’s Bugs:Tales that Slither, Creep and Crawl anthology. Amazon has paperback and kindle versions.

“I sat in the front corner of the coffee shop, my back to a bright, modernist canvas crammed with butterflies and flowers, nursing a latte and eyeing the door each time it jingled. Our appointment was ten minutes overdue and I wondered if he’d had no intention of sitting for an interview, if he’d said yes just to get me off of the phone. Or had I chosen the wrong location? Would he set foot in a shop selling the very drink that had been his life, his art, and which he’d abruptly abandoned without explanation five years ago? Why had the world’s leading coffee expert turned his back on his life’s work? Had it betrayed him? It suggested a mystery, a trauma, perhaps even a crime. That’s the story I wanted for my article. That would get me on the front page. But first Jasper J. Lasco had to show up.”

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A Rustle of Leaves

increepsMy short-short story A Rustle of Leaves is now available in paperback and for the Kindle as part of the In Creeps the Night anthology from J.A.Mes Pres. Cover design by Blue Harvest Creative.

“‘Audrey,’ David shouted. ‘Where are you?'” He stopped on the lawn and held his breath to listen. Then his gut twisted.

“The leaves were still moving.

“They crinkled and scraped across the ground, propelled by their lobes, which stretched out, grabbed and curled, clawing forward like undead, severed human hands. They massed and circled around his feet, approaching and recoiling as he dodged and kicked.”

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The Long Leash

llcoverMy short story The Long Leash is available directly from Amazon for the Kindle. Mrs. Latrode has taken her son to a city park to spare him the trauma of attending his uncle’s funeral. Always careful to keep him safe, she keeps little Joey tethered on a cable leash as he plays out of sight behind some bushes. But death stalks a peaceful park as easily as a cemetery, as mother and son soon find out.

“The leash cable tugged at her right hand, bending sharp around the wood slats of the bench and quivering in the air as it disappeared into a sprawling, unkempt hedge. Beyond the opacity of leaves and stems, a child giggled.

“‘Excuse me for one moment, Midge.’ Mrs. Latrode buried the phone in her fuzzy scarf. ‘Jo-ey,’ she called, stretching the syllables into a melody, ‘what are you up to back there?’

“‘Nothin’, mommy.'”

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The Grass Doll

gdcoverMy short short adult-fairy tale The Grass Doll is available directly from Amazon for the Kindle. The Grass Doll is a short-short suburban fairy tale about a man who’s drawn to a mysterious girl lurking in the forest behind his home. He’s willing to give anything to be with her, even his baby daughter’s beloved doll. But nothing is what it seems in the depths of the forest once the man steps inside the girl’s stone circle.

“He stepped into the circle and handed her the doll which she cradled beneath her chin, giggling. She kicked away the pebbles, breaking the circle.

“Just then, the air began to weep, the trees began to sway and the blue sky became slate. Turning her back to the grasscutter, the girl crossed the meadow, heading toward the depths of the forest. He called to her. She turned and was no longer a girl…”

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Jaws of Life

My short story Jaws of Life is published in the DarkFuse 1 anthology. The hardcover edition can be ordered from the DarkFuse Shop. It’s shipping now and currently available at a discount. The Kindle edition is available at Amazon.com.

“He tried to move, but was leashed by a taut seat belt dimpling his belly fat. He pushed the button on the belt’s latch and jerked down an inch or two, his entire body shuddering from the ensuing pain. Beyond the cracked steering column, from which hung the powdery, withered skin of a deflated airbag, his thighs disappeared into shadows and warped plastic.”

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